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Hey there đź‘‹, I'm Ignacio. Staff Sofware Engineer at Shopify.


  1. A Powerful Tool for Efficient Data Processing in Software Development.

  2. Learn how monitors, alerts and tests help your platform keep the performance latency and throughput fast and reliable. Always add measures to prevent the system from degrading.

  3. The splat operator is a powerful Ruby feature, but we should be cautious when using it. In this post, you will learn about the Splat operator and how to use it, along with dangerous bugs I have seen in production.

  4. What Rack is and how to write Rack Middlewares using Ruby on Rails?. In this post, I explain Rack mention standard Rails Client-Service Middleware Production examples.

  5. There are multiple strategies to paginate APIs. In this post, I describe the different mechanisms and the usages in the Industry.

  6. I'll show you what Introspection in GraphQL is and how to use it..